Interlibrary Loan

Ask your local librarian about borrowing something from another library.

Necessary Information

Please be as specific as you can and include author, series, and/or edition information and specify if you require or prefer certain formats:

  • Cassette or CD
  • Large Print
  • Paperback Only
  • Video or DVD

If you are requesting an article or short story give as much information as you have.


Please note that though library staff will make every effort to fill your request, we cannot guarantee the retrieval of an item nor its delivery date as the request is dependent upon the availability of the item, the owning libraries' response, and the speed of the United States Postal Service.

Unaccepted Requests

Your request will not be placed if:

  • You do not have a valid Shelby County Library Card
  • You have overdue items or owe over $3 on your library card 
  • The item is available inside the Shelby County Library System

We will not borrow titles published within the last 6 months.


This service is provided to you free of charge through the Harrison Library. However, due to staff effort and the cost of postage should you request a title and fail to pick it up within your specified library's hold period you will be charged a $2 per item processing fee. Each library has different lengths of time for which they hold items and different hold notification procedures. So, please be aware of your library's hold periods and that your contact information is current before you place a request.